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IT Infrastructure of the Future

Findings from IDC India's Digital Excellence Survey 2017 for Small and Medium Businesses 

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Anatomy of a Data Breach: How to adopt a proactive approach

With a phenomenal shift towards digitization, the vulnerability towards cyber breach is on the rise for almost all companies.

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Machine Learning in Digital Security

Machine Learning is a field of computer science that gives computers the ability to learn from the past/seen data and apply it to the unseen data.

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Optimize your on-prem IT Infrastructure and plan for cloud

IDC predicts that by 2019 over 50% Small and Medium Enterprises (SME) will increasingly leverage an optimum mix of Cloud, along with traditional on-premise IT.

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Compact, Cloud Ready Data Protection

Dell EMC Data Domain DD3300 with Intel® Xeon® processors brings enterprise-level data protection to organisations with small IT environments. Small and medium-sized businesses and remote/branch offices can now extend IT to the cloud with a purpose-built protection storage appliance that’s modern, scalable and cost-effective.

Protect your data at every point possible

Reduce risk while controlling costs with Dell EMC and Intel® - #1 in data protection.
Learn more at DellEMC.com/in/dataprotection

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Flash Powered Dell EMC Data Domain Systems

Meet explosive data growth head-on with Dell EMC Data Domain and Intel® Xeon® processors. Industry-leading protection storage for backup, archive and disaster recovery.

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Protect your data at every point possible with the #1 in data protection

Although a challenge, comprehensive data protection is possible and key to keeping your company's most crucial assets protected in both physical and virtual environments.
An independent analysis of global organisations and their data protection readiness reveals that a vast majority—nearly 82%—must transform their data protection to keep pace with the shifting IT landscape. Know more in this infographic.

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Eternal Blue - A Prominent Threat Actor of 2017 - 2018

This paper outlines the usage of FuzzBunch exploit framework, details of MS17-010 patch, and insights into the EternalBlue Exploit and DoublePulsar payload. In addition to these, this paper also puts together the detection statistics of EternalBlue exploit after its inception in May, in various campaigns till date. 

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Preparing your IT Infrastructure for tomorrow

Findings from IDC India`s Digital Excellence Survey 2017 for Small and Medium Businesses.

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Accelerating Digital Business Through Cloud

Demystifying IDC's Digital Excellence Assessment

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Why Cloud should be the core of your IT strategy?

Optimize your On premises IT Infrastructure and Plan for Cloud