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Veteran CIO Pratap Gharge retires from Bajaj Electricals

Pratap Gharge, CIO at Bajaj Electricals, will retire on 30 June. He was a true visionary well ahead of his time. Here’s a look at his exceptional stint as an IT leader.

Indian industry right at the cusp of data-led transformation: Prakash Mallya, Intel

Prakash Mallya, Managing Director at Intel India, reveals the rationale behind Intel’s drive to make AI available to everyone; and how healthcare, agriculture, transportation and logistics are great opportunities to showcase IoT solutions.

Former Google, SoftBank exec Nikesh Arora named CEO of Palo Alto Networks

Nikesh Arora, formerly Chief Business Officer at Google and COO at SoftBank, replaced Mark McLaughlin as the CEO of cybersecurity giant Palo Alto Networks.

The new age CMO ought to be a storyteller with sound tech skills: Ann Sung Ruckstuhl, Unisys

The role of a CMO has witnessed tremendous transformation with the advent of digital in the enterprise. Ann Sung Ruckstuhl, Unisys shares her success recipe for the modern CMO.

Decoding GST: How e-way bill can bring tax evasion to a screeching halt

With the first e-way bill rollout turning out to be a damp squib and being recalled eventually, there’s a lot riding on e-way bill’s redeployment. Here’s a look at the significance of e-way bill and why the invoice matching mechanism is key to battling tax evasion.

The thin line between high performance computing and AI

Amidst the mad rush to hop on to the AI bandwagon, the industry oft jumps the gun and deems data-driven models to be artificial intelligence.

Why industry and academia believe data liquidity is key to AI growth in India

Industry and academia join together to find answers to the most critical questions the enterprise has around AI.

SEBI's mandate to shake up boardrooms across Indian enterprises

Acting on the Kotak panel’s proposals around corporate governance, the Securities and Exchange Board of India approved 40 new amendments that could completely revamp the Indian enterprise at the board level.

The great privacy debacle: Congress, BJP find themselves a common adversary

Here's how both BJP and Congress dropped the ball in the data privacy game

4G in India slowest among 88 countries; call drop rate nothing to cheer about either

With the slowest 4G speed in the world and alarmingly high call drop rates, the Indian telecom sector has a long way to go to meet consumer satisfaction levels.

Facebook exposé snowballs into a BJP-Congress slugfest

As IT minister Ravi Shankar Prasad talks tough on taking Facebook to task, BJP and Congress continue to sling muck at each other alleging ties with the much-castigated Cambridge Analytica.

Back to work: Why companies should upskill their female workforce after a maternity break

The quintessential corporate woman walks the tightrope in her bid to do justice to both her professional and personal commitments. Here’s why the Indian enterprise ought to facilitate reskilling and upskilling women back from a maternity break.